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NavExM TM is the Next Generation Cryptocurrency Exchange that offers exclusive benefits such as lowest transaction fees and assured cashback which is many times more than the transaction fees to its member traders.

For more details : Whitepaper Watch Our Introductory Video

This page offers a discounted option (1 USDT) to purchase the NavC Token for up to 52,000 interested community members only or until the available tokens last. As the token's official price will increase at the launch to be $1.60 USDT and market price can be many times higher than the official price due to utility it offers.

There are 300+Million registered traders that are currently paying transaction fees and publicly available NavC Tokens are good for only 100,000 traders cashback eligibility.

All further traders, after 100,000 members will have to buy NavC Tokens at market rate at NavExM from traders.

To become a Community Member

A trader must have at least 500 NavC Tokens in their Earn Wallet in NavExM. In this phase of community building, 26M tokens are available for community. This benefit can be availed by upto 52,000 members only. Community Member benefits, includes a Positive Cashback reward which is up to 5 times of the transaction fees paid (divided between buyer & seller).

Staking Benefits

5000 NavC Tokens staking benefits includes all community members benefits and assured 5x Cashback of transaction fees for 5 transactions every day. Given the limited allocation, Maximum 5200 members can avail this benefit.

50,000 NavC tokens staking benefits includes all community members and an assured 10x cashback of transaction fees for unlimited transactions every day. Given the limited allocation, Maximum 520 members can avail this benefit.

These discounted prices are offered till the time allocated tokens are exhausted or any one of the three above-mentioned targeted members shall be reached. This is the only limited public pool of tokens available for Sale / Swap at the initial discounted price, so please purchase responsibly with the consideration of other community members. Further purchases can be executed from the NavExM Exchange at market price.

Terms of Purchase

Payment can be made in either ETH or USDT only.

Purchase Size must be at least 0.5 ETH or of an equivalent amount in USDT.

Buyers are advised to read the Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions available on our website before proceeding with the purchase.


Phase 01

NavExM Simulation Version Launched.

Simulate your trade and check the benefits.

NavExM is operational in : -

USA, South Africa, India, Brazil &
115 imminent countries more

Phase 02

Beta Launch scheduled : Oct Quarter 2022

Phase 03

NavExM Exchange: Public Launch